The salary of a radiology technician will vary depending on experience, education, industry, location (country, state and city), etc. How much do radiology techs make? Let’s find out with ““.

Average Radiology Technician Salary: $64,450 per year

The average salary for a radiologic technologist in the United States is $64,450 per annum, which is 35% higher than the U.S. average salary. A radiologic technologist makes an average of $5,371 per month, $1,239 per week and $30.99 per hour.

Radiology Technician Salary Range

Radiology Technician Salary
The minimum radiologic technologist salary is $45,500 per year, which is $16,040 higher than the average salary of Americans.
A radiologic technologist can make more than $87,160 per year depending on many factors like work place, education, experience, performance, etc.

Radiology Technician Average Salary$45,500$64,450$87,160 (+)
U.S. Average Salary$17,540$47,863

Highest Paying Industries for Radiologic Technologist

Working at colleges ($74,810) or specialty hospitals ($72,410) would help you make more money than other industries.

Hourly Wage
Annual Salary
Colleges, Universities & Professional Schools$35.97$74,810
Scientific Research & Development Services$35.37$73,570
Specialty Hospitals$34.81$72,410
Insurance Carriers$33.72$70,130
Employment Services$33.22$69,090

Highest Paying States for Radiologic Technologist

Massachusetts is the best state for radiology technicians based on the annual salary. A radiology tech here can make average $90,080 per year, which mean $7,507 per month, $1,732 per week and $43.31 per hour.

States & Cities
Hourly Wage
Annual Salary
Washington D.C.$36.78$76,500
New York$36.35$75,610
Rhode Island$35.46$73,750
Radiology Technician Salary by state map
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Highest Paying Metropolitan areas for Radiologic Technologist

Napa, Oakland, Fremont, Vallejo or Hayward in California are the top paying metropolitan areas for radiology techs. The average hourly wage is $45, which is $15 higher than the average U.S. radiology tech hourly wage.

Metropolitan areas
Hourly Wage
Annual Salary
Napa, California$46.83$97,410
Oakland-Fremont-Hayward, CA Metropolitan Division$46.44$96,590
Vallejo-Fairfield Metro Area, California$46.23$96,160
Sumter, South Carolina$44.72$93,020
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, California$44.49$92,530
San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City, California$44.00$91,530
Sacramento--Arden-Arcade--Roseville, California$41.22$85,730
Modesto, California$40.49$84,210
Fresno, California$40.20$83,610
Santa Rosa-Petaluma, California$39.75$82,690

Highest Paying Non-metropolitan areas for Radiologic Technologist

If you want to work in non-metropolitan areas, the Northern Mountains Region of California is the best area for radiology techs. The average salary of a radiology tech in the Northern Mountains Region is $85,650 per year.

Nonmetropolitan areas
Hourly Wage
Annual Salary
Northern Mountains Region of California$41.18$85,650
Mother Lode Region of California$39.71$82,590
North Coast Region of California$39.04$81,200
Railbelt / Southwest Alaska$37.91$78,850
North Valley Region of California$37.28$77,550

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Source: 2013 BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Report
Currency: USD – United States dollar